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Children's Parties

PartiesWant something a little different for your child or teen's birthday party? Check out our dance party packages! All are high paced, action packed and guarenteed to make any birthday extra special. The ideas below all have age guides, however we tailor all of our routines and parties to the requirements of the birthday dancer!

  • Street / HipHop or Poptastic Party
    We can teach a street or hiphop dance routine or a modern/pop music routine choreographed to (almost) any song you can think of! This is our most popular type of dance party and can be tailored for 4th birthdays right up to 13 years.
  • Ballerina Dance Party
    From younger princess ballerina parties, to ballet based parties for older children. Our Ballerina Dance Parties can be tailored to suit 4th birthdays right up to 13 years. We bring lots of props!
    Choose from the following themes and styles:
    - Princess Ballerina
    - Swan Lake (Good Swans vs Naughty Swans for younger children)
    - The Nutcracker
    - Disney's Frozen
  • Strictly Come Dancing - Charleston!
    With so many children big fans of Strictly Come Dancing - our Strictly parties are always a hit! Perfect for 6th birthdays up to 13 years. We'll teach the group a charleston style routine (a big group dance - no partners required) and of course, there'll be a strictly freestyle dance-off at the end!

  • Cinder'YourName'
    Are your party guests a theatrical lot? Then why not have a dance and drama party! We'll (very loosely) follow the story of Cinderella - with the birthday girl or boy as the star! With a script, props and parts for all, the party will rehearse and perform the play along with a finale dance routine (song chosen by you of course!). This type of party can be tailored for 7th birthdays right up to 13 years.

The packages:

1 hour session - up to 25 children (18 under 5years)
- 2-3 Innovative party games
- Warm up (in the style of your party)
- Tuition of the routine
- Performance for parents

1.5 hour session - up to 25 children (18 under 5years)
- 4-5 Innovative party games with prizes
- Warm up (in the style of your party)
- Tuition of a slightly longer routine
- Performance for parents

Both options can have an 'interval' for your food and cake!

Add more children! If you'd like to invite more to your party we can bring additional instructors, speak to us for details!

Think we can help? Call Adele on 01509 556564 for a chat or email