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Changes to School of Dance and Tots Classes

We are really excited to be bringing our School of Dance classes back from this April.  Due to the pandemic, there will be changes to how our classes operate and when they take place.  We are working super hard to ensure that we abide by the government guidelines in place, as well as creating an environment where our dancers feel safe, relaxed and can enjoy their classes.

Here is a summary of the changes to our School of Dance classes at AMC.  Please read these carefully before applying for a place to return.  If you have any queries please don't hesitate to contact us via Facebook page or Text/Whatsapp Adele on 07842098146.


  • The capacities of our School of Dance classes will decrease to a maximum of 12 participants and between 6 and 10 for Tots (subject to change dependant on the government guidelines).  

  • For the time being, all our School of Dance and Tots classes (with the exception of Street 2 which is 45minutes) will be 30minutes long - allowing for class changeovers and wipedowns.

  • There will be a 10-15minute gap between classes for these changeovers to take place.

  • All door handles, barres and other surfaces touched by dancers and staff will be cleaned down before, in-between and after classes.

  • For Tots, each dancer will get a props bag to use in class - contents sanitised between uses.  Props used by Miss Adele will be sanitised between classes.

  • For Toddler Toes (walking to 3y), for the time being, dancers should bring 1 parent with them to take part in class.  Unfortunately we cannot have additional family members at dancing to spectate.

  • For PreSchool Pros and AMC Juniors, for the time being, dancers should bring one parent to sit on the edge of class.  Unfortunately we cannot have additional family members at dancing to spectate.  For Juniors - If you and AMC staff feel your child is happy to be left with us, we will request for you to sign them into our care and drop them off and return to collect.  This would be a good option for those with siblings who normally spectate - and generally helps us with capacity. Quorn has a lovely park near by and cafes.

  • For intermediates upwards, for the time being, all parents must sign their into our care and drop them off and return to collect.  No family members will be permitted to sit and watch (unless otherwise agreed with Adele) - as we need the space.

  • Dancers are to minimise the belongings they bring to class, there will be a specified space to place them during class.

  • For dancers doing multiple classes, they are welcome to bring food and eat in the specified eating area.  Water breaks will continue as normal.

  • For the time being, socially distanced spaces will be marked out for all dancers ensuring at least 2metres between dancers (subject to change dependant on the government guidelines).

  • There will be a specific teaching area for instructors and other staff.

  • Windows will be open where possible for additional ventilation.

  • We will be controlling entry and exit. On arrival dancers will be checked in at the door and then allocated their dance space to avoid congestion.

  • All dancers and instructors must hand sanitise / wash hands on entry and between classes

  • Where possible, there will be a one way in and out system in place to avoid congestion.

  • We are discouraging dancers to wear masks in class, however this is down to personal choice.  AMC instructors will not be wearing masks, but will remain distanced at all times until guidelines state otherwise.

  • AMC first aiders will still administer first aid if necessary, gloves and a visor will be worn where social distancing is not possible.

  • If your child becomes upset and needs comfort and the parent is not present, the AMC Dance Instructor may apply a visor and gloves and break social distancing to comfort your child (subject to change dependant on the government guidelines) - unless you inform us you do not want this to happen.

  • All members of staff will have completed Covid-19 prevention qualifications and a Covid-19 risk assessment will be in place.

  • Our Street classes will be moving to Mondays after school at Quorn Village Hall

  • Due to demand, and lots of our PreSchool Pros moving to school this September, we are introducing additional Junior Ballet and Junior Tap classes after school on Mondays at Quorn Village Hall

  • AMC Senior classes have been suspended until January 2021, when they will return on Tuesday evenings.  Until then, Seniors are encouraged to take part in our Adult classes.

  • We have not finalised our Sunday timetable as of yet, this will be done based on class demand, however we will try to keep classes as close to the times they were as possible (bearing in mind there is now a 10minute gap between each class).

  • Monday Tots classes at Gorse Covert is suspended until further notice due to venue capacity.

  • We have taken the decision not to increase our School of Dance and Tots class prices despite all of these extra measures.  Our main focus is to get everyone back to enjoying dancing with us again.

Click HERE to apply for a space in our School of Dance or Tots classes
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