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Tots Classes

AMC School of Dance offers a fantastic range of creative movement dance classes, aimed from walking age upwards.  Our Toddler Toes classes and our PreSchool Pros classes are all fast paced, aimed at both boys and girls, action packed and full of fun.  They've also been carefully created to build motor skills, social skills, confidence and the expression of creativity - preparing your little dancers for school, dancing and lifelong learning. 


Toddler Toes

Age Guide: Confident Walking - 3.5 years

A 'my-grownup-and-me' style class.  This class is all about getting you both moving! From jumping in muddy puddles, to transforming into giants and mice, to making rainbows and becoming rabbits! It's a brilliant introduction to music, movement and the very first foundations of ballet.  Classes end with our famous bubble rhyme, and ticking off that achievement card!

Join the Fun...

Saturdays 9.15am in Quorn

Sundays 9am in Quorn


PreSchool Pros

Age Guide: 3 years - Starting School

With a focus on story telling through dance, we'll start to create a solid foundation of dance knowledge and build confidence - whilst helping your dancer to unleash their imagination! Grownups sit on the side in this class (close enough for a reassuring cuddle!) Classes end with our famous bubble rhyme, and ticking off that achievement card!

Join the Fun...

Fridays 9.30am in Rothley

Saturdays 10am in Quorn

Sundays 9.45am in Quorn

The Benefits
  • We use lots of props, rhymes and tell lots of stories through dance.  Not only is this super fun and a great way of teaching the foundational steps and positions of ballet - it's all great for your child's cognitive, speech and language development!

  • Creating a solid foundation of dance steps and rhythm skills equips our Tots with the skills they need ready to move on to AMC Ballet, Tap, Modern or Street.  We also give our graduating Tots priority on our class waiting lists for any of these classes!

  • Our 2-tiered Tots classes (Toddler Toes and PreSchool Pros) build your child's confidence, starting from parent-and-me style classes in Toddler Toes, to independent dancing in PreSchool Pros.

How it Works
  • Our Tots classes work in low commitment 5 - 8 week blocks (depending on term dates)

  • Every dancer is given an AMC Tots achievement card with some goals to achieve, at the end of each class we will see if we can tick off a goal.  Once all the goals on your card are ticked off, you get a woven badge and certificate (all included in your class price!)  There are 2 levels each with 7 badges (so 14 in total) to achieve in both Toddler Toes and PreSchool Pros. 

  • Once your little dancer is ready to move up from PreSchool Pros into our School of Dance, they'll graduate!  A full cap and gown photo opportunity and they'll receive a special graduation certificate and badge.

  • The classes equate to £5.75 a session - and include woven badges and certificates on completion of their achievement cards absolutely free of charge (approximately 1 certificate and badge every 6 weeks).

Ready to Book?
  • Book your classes below.

  • We've been teaching little ones for over 10 years, and above all we've learnt that you really can't judge whether a class is really for you and your tiny dancer in just one week. With us being a new activity, in a new place, with new people - it's a lot to take in and can take time to settle. This is why, rather than getting you to commit to a full 12-15 week term like our older pupils, we work in 4-7 week blocks.  This is a great amount of time for your child to really settle in and for you to both make an informed decision of whether what we offer is for you.  It's so lovely to see your children settle into classes at their own pace and really start to benefit from the activities and interaction. Here's a wonderful video made by some of our dance mums to explain.

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