Dance Kit

Shoes and dancewear are now available through this website.  Please note this is an affiliated store only - we do not run it ourselves.  Feel free to have a look at what you need and then shop around.

Tshirts, hoodies and a range of other clothing & merchandise are available to order from AJ's Print House HERE. 

For your class at AMC School of Dance, please wear the following:

'School of Dance' Junior Classes

'School of Dance' Intermediate, PreSenior and Senior Classes


Tots classes

Optional (or feel free to wear your own leggings, tutus, superhero capes - as long as you can dance and move in it - anything goes!)

Adult Classes

New Starters

First class? Just turn up in some comfortable jogging bottoms or leggings and a lightweight tshirt with some trainers.

*We recommend leather ballet shoes as part of our uniform due to their performance and longevity. However, if you prefer a vegan option - canvas styles are allowed.