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Dance Kit

Our uniform is available through the following places:

  • Shoes and dancewear are now available through this website.  Please note this is an affiliated store only - we do not run it ourselves.  Feel free to have a look at what you need and then shop around.

  • Tshirts, hoodies and a range of other clothing & merchandise are available to order from AJ's Print House HERE.  This provision is run by Adele's partner - and so there is a 'bring to class' option to save your postage

For your class at AMC School of Dance, please wear the following:

'School of Dance' Junior Classes

'School of Dance' PreIntermediate Classes

'School of Dance' Intermediate, PreSenior and Senior Classes


Tots classes
Optional (or feel free to wear your own leggings, tutus, superhero capes - as long as you can dance and move in it - anything goes!)

Adult Classes

New Starters

First class? Just turn up in some comfortable jogging bottoms or leggings and a lightweight tshirt with some trainers.

*We recommend leather ballet shoes as part of our uniform due to their performance and longevity. However, if you prefer a vegan option - canvas styles are most welcome.

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