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Hercules 2022


We have chosen the Makaton charity to raise money for this year as we have some wonderful pupils that benefit from Makaton and the work that the charity does.  We are also honoured to have Rosie as one of our Adult/Senior pupils who is a Makaton instructor.

To make our show even more magical, we will be signing along to the finale song: Heroes by David Bowie.

We would like to ask all dancers to learn the Makaton for the song at home.  Rosie has very kindly done a full tutorial and a demo below.  So please practice! For our youngest pupils - if they could learn the chorus that'd be fabulous.

We are also looking for 3 pupils to be our finale champions, to join Rosie at the front and sign the song encouraging the audience to join in.  You will need to be confident with signing the full song.  If you would like put yourself forward please let Adele know.

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