Hercules 2022

With so much information to get to you all so that you feel prepared for this year's production, we thought it a good idea to create a webpage with all the info on.  These pages will be updated regularly with all the current information.  If you have any queries please contact Adele on whatsapp/text 07842098146 (please note Adele's phone will be turned off for the duration of all shows and rehearsals - more contact details will be added to this page for during those periods).

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Have you bought tickets to watch the show yet?  Tickets are selling fast.  Tickets for all 3 shows are available HERE (scroll to the bottom of the page)


General Information


The shows and dress rehearsal take place at The Theatre, Rawlins Academy, Quorn.  You will need to enter via the main reception.


There are 3 performances of Hercules.  All performers are required to take part in all 3 performances plus dress rehearsal.


Dress Rehearsal 10am - 1pm

Show One 3pm - 5.30pm


Show Two 10am - 12.30pm

Show Three 2.30pm - 5pm


Our youngest pupils (age 5 and under) are in Ballet 1 and some of Junior Modern.  We have therefore strategically placed their dances within the show (Modern dance 2 first half, Ballet 1 dance 2 after interval) meaning for show one and two they can arrive with one parent just before their performance, do their dance, and go home. For those that are in both classes, they may leave in between or stay with us. We are recommending parents for these classes watch show three - for this show those aged 5 and under can sit in the audience with their parents for the show - coming on stage for their dance and again for the finale (we would like all on stage for finale 3 - there is a gift for all performers given out here, but understand younger pupils may miss the finale in show 1 and 2).  This will mean that under 5s will not be going backstage at all - only in the wings during the first dance of the act, ready to enter for their performance.


All children will be back stage supervised by registered chaperones and DBS helpers.  All backstage staff will be wearing bright pink tshirts.  Children will need to be signed in and out from a collection point.  We will have staff on hand to help with this.  Backstage we'll have colouring, games and quiet activities to keep dancers entertained.  We encourage you to send your dancer with water to drink and clean snacks (nothing that will get on their costumes!).

For performers - of all ages - that are just in one dance in the show.  You are allowed to arrive or leave during the interval, for children there will be a staffed drop off/collection point. We are not allowing drop off/collections during the raffle or any other point in the show.  We would like ALL dancers to be in the finale for show 3 please. Not only will this be our final bow for the production (and the one that is being filmed), all dancers of all ages will be given a gift.


1) The Muses - Gospal Truth

2) Junior Modern - Devil in Disguise

3) Inter Street - Deeper Underground 

4) Junior Tap - Bad Boys 

5) Pre&Senior Contemporary - Clouds

6) Inter Tap - I'm Your Man 

7) Pre/Senior Modern - Money Money Money

8) Inter Ballet - Where I Belong

9) Adult Ballet - Running up that Hill 

10) Pre/Senior Street - RuPaul Mix


11) Adult Tap - One More Shot

12) Ballet 1 - Do Re Mi

13) Inter Modern - I Need a Hero

14) Pre/Senior Modern - Zero to Hero

15) Hercules and Meg duet

16) Adult Jazz - Make Me Feel 

17) Junior Street - Gods vs Titans

18) Pointe - Rainbow 

19) Ballet 2 - It's a Beautiful Day 

20) Ballet 3 - a coronation of a god

21) Pre/Senior Ballet - Nutcracker wedding


22) PreSenior and Senior Tap - A Star is Born

23) Finale - Heroes - David Bowie


We are not allowing any photography or videos in our shows.  We will however be photographing the production ourselves - which we will share with you.  The production is also being professionally filmed.  You will be able to purchase this for £15 (for which you'll get a DVD and digital access).  More info to follow.