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Junior, PreIntermediate and Intermediate
Medal and Awards Day - 30th June 2024



Thank you so much for signing up to dance a solo at our Medals and Awards day.


There will be an incredible 192 performances throughout the day!  So we're doing our very best to make sure the day is planned well and runs super smoothly so that each and every one of our dancers has the most wonderful confidence-building experience.



The day is split into Sections.

  • Sections 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 are our Junior Sections and all take place at Quorn Village Hall

  • Sections 6, 7, 8 9 and 10 are our PreIntermediate and Intermediate Sections and all take place at The Deep End, Rawlins Academy

Dancers within each section must be present for the ENTIRE section, arriving 15minutes before the section start time.  Dancers sit in order and each perform their routine watched encouragingly by our special guests (Miss Libby Wisehall and Miss Annabel Banks).  After all the dancers within the section have performed, they line up and receive comments and their award from Miss Libby or Miss Annabel. After this has completed, you can go home or quickly get ready for your next section.


Dancers and Audience members are not to come and go during the section as this is very distracting to our dancers.  If you do need to leave or reenter for toilet or those needing to change for a 2nd dance within the same section please exit and enter BETWEEN performances.



Your teacher will also be there for your performance to encourage you and prompt or dance along as required. For our Intermediates this should only be very occasional prompting.



Please find HERE the full running orders for Juniors (Quorn Village Hall) and PreInters and Inters (Rawlins).  As you can appreciate, it's been really tricky putting this together taking so many variables into account - especially as we've had to run some sessions concurrently! (A massive thank you to Miss Rhiannon and Miss Emma for putting this together).  Sadly no amendments can be made at this stage.



These performances should be costumed and not in AMC uniform (so that it feels like a proper performance).  As this is a solo performance, there's a flexibility in what you can wear.  However, you should always wear the correct dance shoes, have all hair very neatly styled and tied back and choose an outfit that is appropriate, safe to dance in and we can properly see your dance steps and arms - (floor length dresses for example aren't appropriate).

As a guide, here is what your teachers have suggested...

  • BALLET 1 (Dory Just Keep Swimming) - A swimming costume or beach wear (you could accessorise with swim goggles on head), ballet shoes

  • BALLET 2 SATURDAY CLASS (Tangled) - a pretty dress, ballet shoes

  • BALLET 2 SUNDAY CLASS (Lilo and Stitch) - Hawaiin style beach outfit (maybe a lei and accessories), ballet shoes

  • BALLET 3 (Rainbow Connection) - Either your blue April show costume or a pretty dress, ballet shoes - you will pick a scarf from us to use on the day like we do in class

  • JUNIOR TAP (Consider Yourself) - you're the Artful Dodger! We'd suggest perhaps girls using your leggings and leotard as a base and accessorising with a neckchief or something.  If possible - add braces to your outfit, as we hold these a lot in the dance. Tap shoes

  • JUNIOR MODERN (Mister Mistoffelees) - you're a magician cat!  For those who did the show, you could use your show costume and perhap add some eats and a tail.  You need a bow tie (like in the show).  I have some spare for those that didn't do the show I will bring to class. Jazz shoes

  • JUNIOR STREET (Wild Wild West) - you're a cowboy/cowgirl!  Choose a themed outfit.  Please note, any hats need to be secured and not inhibit your dancing!  ALSO no shorts - you need your legs covered to do the knee spins

  • PREINTER TAP (Be Our Guest) -  We suggest your April show outfit or something Beauty and the Beast inspired appropriate to dance in, tap shoes

  • PREINTER MODERN (Hairspray) - We suggest your April show outfit (blue leotard and spotty skirt), jazz shoes

  • PREINTER BALLET (Encanto) - A flowy dress (could be your show dress or another) with either ballet leotard and tights or small shorts underneath, ballet shoes

  • PREINTER AND INTER STREET (Lets Get it Started) - We suggest some super cool baggy clothing with a black and white theme, raid your wardrobe!  Please note, any accessories need to be secured and not inhibit your dancing!  ALSO no shorts - you need your legs covered to do the floor work

  • INTER TAP (Uptown Funk) -  Girls: black leotard and leggings / Boys: black tshirt and black joggers. Tap shoes.  We'll lend you a gold hat on the day

  • INTER MODERN (Cooler Than Me) - Sunglasses (please bring to class to practice with them on), your black leggings and leotard / boys:joggers, and a bright or jazzy top, jazz shoes

  • INTER BALLET (Coppelia) -  We suggest your April show costume, ballet shoes


Please arrive in your first costume ready to dance.  For those with multiple dances there will be a changing room.  For those in multiple dances within the same section, you will need to go to the changing room and change straight after your first performance. Please only exit and enter to room BETWEEN performances.



Please arrive 15minutes before the start of your section.  If the previous section is still going on - which it most likely will be, please wait in the kitchen (Quorn Village Hall) or corridor (Rawlins). We'll let you in asap to the performance room.  



You are welcome to bring as many family and friends to watch as you like.  This event is not ticketed.  



As this is a solo performance opportunity, you are welcome to film and photograph your child's performance.



If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask us in class or contact...

  • For Juniors - Text/Whatsapp Miss Rhiannon on 0779172544

  • For PreIntermediates and Intermediates - Text/Whatsapp Miss Emma on 07504955850

Many thanks,


Adele x






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